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Hello and welcome. My name is Robert Hawkins and I am the joint founder of Eastbourne Cultural Tours (ECT) with my wife Uni. We are a family run tour operator, specializing in arranging tailor made tours for overseas visitors, with my own personal experience and education being highly focused within the Travel and Tourism industry in which I am also a fully qualified Welcome Host. As a family we have also looked after many international language students learning English in the last few years which has given us a valuable insight into the needs and requirements for students visiting the UK to study.

Historical/Cultural Tours


Our guests will stay in the beautiful seaside town of Eastbourne with pre-vetted host families or a local hotel by the sea. Tours of the local area are included with all our tour packages as well as day excursions to popular tourist destinations such as London, Brighton and Stonehenge.

We can offer pre-planned packages or tailor made trips depending on your requirements.

Unforgettable Experiences


At ECT we pride ourselves on providing the best quality service possible for our guests and will go above and beyond to ensure every guest is well cared for the duration of the trip. Our goal is to provide the perfect environment to ensure trips are educational but also enjoyable. During the Autumn and Winter seasons we can also provide special trips to try winter sports such as Curling.